Results of the „Adaptable YOUth” project

We are pleased to present to you all the materials produced in the project ‘Adaptable Youth’ No. 2021-2-PL01-KA220-YOU-000049545 co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. The aim of the project is to increase the understanding of adaptability skills, their importance and their impact on young people. With ‘Adaptable YOUth’, partner organisations are tasked with creating concrete youth training outcomes and youth worker-friendly materials.

All materials developed during the project are available for free in different languages at the links below:

Result 1: Final version of the Booklet:

Culturally responsive adaptation and translation of the Booklet:

Result 2: Educational Videos with subtitles:

Result 3: Bite-sized educational resource using e-mail in English

Final version of the eLearning platform in all languages:

Result 4: Development of a guidebook about the use of online resources

Training toolkit: